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Want to increase the number of people that see your listing? Want a bigger presence on amazon? Want to get your listing higher in the ranks? Want more sales?? If so, we can help!

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What We Do

Amazon Optimization, EVERYTHING on your listing matters.. From the title, to the pictures, to the description even to the little details. Amazons algorithm for what products they put on the top pages of searches is based on what YOU have in YOUR listing. Once fixed, the listing will then be put higher in the ranks and show up more frequently on searches therefore more people see it and more people buy it! To get the best results we will help you optimize your listing and get more sales!

Social Media can also play a big role in getting traffic to your listing. Advertisments and posts can bring in more traffic to your Amazon page and be yet another way to grow your buisness.

A website or storefront will also help direct attention toward your amazon listing/s and build a bigger client base. Reaching out on different levels of the media is an important way to expand your business!

My Story

Hi! My name is Joseph Faour, I created Eazy Merch Products to be able to help other Amazon sellers with their listing and improve their buisness. As an Amazon seller myself I am aware of the many annoyances or difficulties you may encounter as a brand and my goal is to help you and your business grow to the best it could possibly be!



Q: Do you charge for any of our services?

A: No! We do not charge, we request to be a seller of your product it's a win win for both of us!


Q: Why should I change if I am already selling well?

A: Who doesn't like more money? Why wouldn't you want to sell more?

If you could pick between $100 and $1000, wouldn't you pick $1000? 


Q: Why are you a good fit for my business?

A: We cater to your specific needs in regards to anything it is you need help with whether that

be on your Amazon listing or social media, websites etc.


Q: Why should I believe that you can help my business?

A: We sell on Amazon as well! We know exactly what your listing should and shouldn't have 

to generate the most amount of traffic to your listing!

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